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Composite Doors 

  • Trojan Door Hinges

  •  Fullex Crimebeater Lock

  •  Secured by Design The Ultion Lock

  •  Optional Winkhaus Heritage Slam Lock

  •  Unique and Patented Removable Glazing Cassette

  •  Fab & Fix Door Furniture 

  • Multiple Colour Combinations

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High-quality and low-maintenance


Slightly over fifteen years ago the first generation of Composite Doors hit the market place. A Composite Door is actually a generic term for two materials used together to form a 'door slab'. There are timber and aluminium, timber and glass reinforced polyester (GRP) or fibreglass versions and even steel and timber options. The most common Composite Door used these days are highly condensed polyurethane in the core and GRP outer skins with a laminate outer skin for a low maintenance finish.

Composite doors are different to PVC Doors in that they only have two main components: the pvc frame that fixes into the structural opening and the composite door slab that is attached to the frame with hinges. Aesthetically, Composite Doors look different because the slab and frame finish flush on the inside. This is sometimes a criticism of the doors as they are generally one 'single rebated' and that's a concern to some. You can now get a double rebated door but it will cost slightly more.



Why choose Approved uPVC Doors?


  • Everything taken care of, from design consultation to surveying and installation

  • More than 20 years of experience delivering excellent results

  • Guaranteed for 10 years

  • Manufactured by Approved craftspeople in the UK


If you're wanting to achieve individuality or something unique then we would definitely advise looking at the Composite Door range. Similarly, if you aren't on a super strict budget then composite doors are for you. 

If you're wanting something new, pleasing to look at and something that offers great value for money then PVC doors may be the way forward. If you're just looking for a cheap and cheery rental property front door or a cost effective back door for your own home then we've got a range of PVC doors.


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Dual Anthracite Grey White UPVC double glazed window size view.jpg
Dual Anthracite Grey White UPVC double glazed window size view.jpg

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